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Dancing With the bees

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Swarming season is finally here!! A “swarm of bees” refers to a natural behavior that honey bee colonies use for reproduction. A swarm occurs when a colony splits as the old queen is replaced. The first queen leaves the hive with roughly half of the worker bees and as much honey they can carry. Then they continue reestablish themselves on a structure near to their original hive. While scout bees leave in search of a new hive location, the worker bees in the swarm cluster around the queen (called festooning) and link to each other’s bodies, hanging onto their arms and legs to create a form that keeps the swarm together. This is one of the many natural wonders in The Clayton Farm. 

The swarm landed on the weeping Santa Rosa plum tree (amazing plums, too!).

The Clayton Farm beekeeper (my husband) went up the ladder to catch the swarm.

The swarm then settled into the box, there are still chances that they won't stay, so we keep the swarm nearby just to keep an eye on it.

Video, made by my daughter.

Not a single drop of chemicals or man-made fertilizers ever landed on The Clayton Farm soil

Then store it in their honey stomach, honey is really the vomit of many bees combined.

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