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Gotta Love These Greens - More Bitter, More Better

Osaka Purple Mustard, a Japanese mustard. It grows well to the baby salad stage and is delicious as microgreen or baby salad green. Delicious and unique in flavor, it is highly productive, and beautiful, Osaka Purple mustard has stunning, huge (15” or more in length), billowy, savory-textured, striking deep violet-purplish, and green leaves with lime-green veins and stems. The whole plant looks like an enormous bouquet of deep, rich colors.

This broad-leafed mustard has red-veined leaves. It will tolerate cold weather. Grows fast in warm weather. Both leaves and stems can be pickled, stir-fry, steamed or added to salad. The younger the leaves are picked, the milder their flavor will be.

In The Clayton Farm, we harvested Osaka Purple for 12 months, as seeds self-sowed. And any given plant will grow from October/November into spring and into late summer. Harvest in the cut/grow again manner, where you snap off the largest leaves, and keep new leaves continuously growing.

Like the doctor says, More Bitter, More Better.

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