Beekeeper's ultimate plant. Russian sage is every bee keeper's dream plant. Deer leave it alone, it requires very minimum water in summer, blooms from spring to early winter, provides 9 months of nectar for your bees. Its seed pots are the gathering joint for birds. Not only its spent blossoms suppress weeds, its taproots also help erosion control. Best of all, its fairly tale like purple flowers smell heavenly. For people that love bees, dislike weeding, having drought issue, if you only have 1 plant to grow, Russian sage is it. 


Bright sub-shrub 4-5' tall, 3' wide. Gray-white stems are attractive in winter. Finely divided gray-green leaves produce a soft, delicate effect. Small lavender-blue flowers grow in large numbers on branched stems during summer. Plant in any dry soil with full sun. In coastal gardens, established plants require little supplemental water. Moderate moisture in warmer regions. Hardy to 10F. Afghanistan, Pakistan.

50 Divided Bare Root Perovskia Russian Sage

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