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100% Organic Horse *DRY* Manure Compost. 100% organic no additives horse manure compost great for growing mushrooms or any plants requiring high-quality substrate material. A trailer load contains 6-7 yards of compost covers 800 square ft with 6" deep. No need to till in, just generously fill in as soil and plant right in. Subject to the delivery fee upon delivery, delivery fee $1.5/mile (round trips) from 94517 to where you at + toll if any if your city is not listed. We will collect the delivery fee upon delivery. Once we receive your order, we will call to find out the delivery address and the best time for you.  Product might contain pine shavings, worms, leaves, water, all organic matters that help composing the manure.

Trailer Load Delivered & Dumped - Clayton Farm Organic Horse Manure

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