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Thai Basil     泰國九層塔     $2.85      100 Seeds 

Thai Basil (Ocimum basilicum Thai Siam Queen) - This is a decorative basil with small olive-green/purplish leaves. Stems are red, flowers are purple on this Tais Siam Queen Basil. What a gorgeous addition for the herb garden that can easily be grown from Basil seeds! Thai Siam Queen Basil is as flavorful as it is attractive. The sturdy stems support extra-large, 4-inch-long and 2-inch-wide bright green leaves. Clusters of purple flowers are produced on the very top of the plant for a highly ornamental effect. Basil Siam Queen is loaded with spicy flavor and aroma that is a perfect addition to tomato dishes, pasta sauces, vegetables and soup. Basil is at its most flavorful when fresh. The best time to harvest is just as the plant starts to set flower buds, well before flowers bloom. For harvesting, cut stems just before flowers open, strip leaves and use fresh, or dry on tray in dark, airy place. Leaves may be frozen. Harvest Thai Siam Queen leaves continually to encourage new growth.

Thai Basil

SKU: VS142X01
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