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Taiwan Century Guava White Flesh     台灣芭樂     $4.15      10 Seeds 

"Psidium guajava, a super fruit, low in calories & fats. Its nutritional content is superb, contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamins A, B, C, minerals, antioxidant poly-phenolic, flavonoid compounds, etc., and also could increase appetite. It extremely rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C, but low in calories and fats; the big amount of vitamin C is the highest among all fruits as an excellent source of Vitamin C. If you need to know more the health benefits of guava fruit, you can easy find lots on the Internet.  Guava is hardy with light green skin and crispy taste. When it turns ripened, its skin looks yellowish with flavorful smell and the softer produce retains higher sweetness.

Taiwan Century Guava White Flesh

SKU: VS201X01
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