Show me your garden and I should tell you what you are  Alfred Austin

The love of gardening is a seed, once sown that never dies. - Gertrude Jekyll 

Plant Dreams, Pull Weeds and Grow a Happy Life

About The Clayton Farm 

The Clayton Farm is an 'accidental' farm. The idea of growing food was simply inspired by a World war II poster where Uncle Sam says: Garden to cut food cost. Little did she know, the concept of "from backyard to table" grew out of control. It has been an obsession ever since. If you come to think of it, humans have grown food for hundreds and thousands of years, the cultivation gene is deposited in our DNA. Humans grow food.

Our entire garden is a miniature eco-system :  
We grow our fruits, vegetables for our table;  
flowers to provide nectar for bees;
worm raising for chicken snack and worm casting production; bees make honey and increase produce yield.
Chickens make egg & manure.
Chickens eat bugs, worms and excess produce;
worm casting & chicken manure fertilize the land.
Chicken manure & egg shelves feed worms.
Not only we offer affordable pricing for nursery items delivered to your doorsteps, we are very blessed to have excess produce to share our abundance locally in SF Bay Area -organic eggs, honey, hot peppers, fruits and vegetables, chicken manure, worms and worm casting and more.  

Need help to get started? Try our Gardening Services in Contra Costa County : 

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Above and Beyond.......

There will come a time when those who know how to plant will be eating. Chief Oren Lyons