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Dear Clayton Farms,

My husband and I greatly appreciate the work you are doing. We wrote one Saturday afternoon to see how quickly you might be able to ship to the east coast after order placement. Next day? Perfect, because we are getting near frost time and wanted to be able to get the plants situated in the ground before the cold sets in. We placed our order that afternoon and received the order within just a couple of days. WOW! We were able to get those beautiful Hollyhock Country Mix plants into the ground right away.They are nestled in amongst some yellow chrysanthemums and seems to be happy. 

Our home’s gardens are going to be in our very popular neighborhood garden tour next spring, and we wanted to add some hollyhocks to set into a corner of the garden. We look forward to watching them grow.

The plants were lovely and healthy. Thank you for the love you put into your life’s passion for gardening. Please keep up the good work, which I am sure can be difficult and disappointing at times, but so rewarding at others. God bless you and the work of your hands - just like Adam!

— Chris and John Calvert

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