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.This is one of those grasses that you grow first on a whim, then as an integral part of your garden! It's just that irresistible (and easy). And for an annual, it manages to give 12 months or more of beauty when you use its lovely bunny tails as Everlastings! Give it a try this season and you'll see what I mean! The plant itself is neat and compact, just 12 to 20 inches high and about a foot wide. Beginning in early summer, it's topped by chartreuse puffballs, about 2" wide, that really do look like Peter Cottontail rummaging around in your grass for a dropped Easter egg! They are soft, fluffy, and absolutely irresistible to touch -- a big child-pleaser and a nice edging for a pathway, where visitors will smile as the bunny tails brush their legs!

1 Starter Plant of Bunny Tails Ornamental Grass

SKU: A002X01

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