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You will receive the following 20 seed packs as part of this special offer.   (1) Big Beef Tomato (2) Eggplant Black Beauty  (3) Basil Italian Large Leaf (4) Squash Zucchini (5) Squash Crookneck (6) Squash Acorn Squash (7) Oriental Cucumber (8) Spagetti Squash (9) Pickling Cucumber (10) Straight Eight Cucumber (11) Squash Butternut  (12) Canataloupe Hale's Best (13) Canataloupe Crenshaw  (14) Canataloupe Honey Dew (15) Kentucky Blue Pole Bean (16) Purple Podded Pole Bean (17) Asparagus Black Stripe Yard Long Bean (18) Okra Clemson Spineless (19) Corn Serendipity Triplesweet (20) Vietnamese Tear Jerker Pepper

20 Packages of Summer Vegetable Seeds (Value Pack)

SKU: VS132X20
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