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Yellow Potato Onion, also called Hill Onion, Mother Onion, or Pregnant Onions, perennial onion Allium cepa var. aggregatum is edible like onion but perennial as in once you have them, you will always have them. It produces onions up to 3-4 in. in diameter, which is flavorful but not too strong. it has good drought resistance, and pink root resistance, and is widely adapted for different growing regions. It is valued for the keeping quality of the small and medium-sized bulbs, which keep 8-12 months. An heirloom onion that provides all the onions you ever need. The bulbs have grown and divided crazy, each individual bulb should form a cluster of bulbs at the base.

Starter Plants 4-12" tall, contain root hand-packed with care. 
Maybe cut back to fit in the shipping box.
Organically grown.

Please make sure you read the shop policy before you place the order. We want happy customers, and we will always work with good buyers. There are very, very few buyers out there trying the tactic of nip-picking (i.e. claiming product description discrepancy) so he or she can rightfully find excuses to claim the product is not as described  For those buyers, please, please stay away from our listings, we really don't want to share our products with you. These are horticultural products, they are not cookie-cutting products. Every plant is different in different sizes, shapes, or forms in different stages of growth or even different than what you think it should be.

3 Starter Plants of Perennial Yellow Potato Onion (in Bare Root or Bulb form)

SKU: H052X03
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