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Smell heavenly! 'Wild Magic’ herbalea basil, a new variety, is such a plant. It’s a culinary herb with an excellent, sweet, fruity flavor, milder than 'Genovese,’ and definitely dinner-worthy. It is also ornamental. It’s leaves are shapely, purple-green, with nearly black young shoots that contrast with the bright rose-purple, edible blossoms. The unusual fruity scent carries through the nearby air, making it a showstopper of a scented plant. Use it in the vegetable or herb garden, in the flower garden or in a container.  It reaches 18 inches tall, and, while it is content in warmer microclimates, it can also tolerate cooler temperatures than most basil varieties. If you live where summers are so cool that you have only been able to grow African blue basil, you will also be able to grow 'Wild Magic.’ 

Basil herbalea Wild Magic Starter Plant

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