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Hyacinth Bean (Red Flower)     扁豆/鵲豆     $4.85      10 Seeds 

Grow this climber on a trellis as it can reach 8 feet in height. Dolichos lablab is a perennial in frost-free zones, and in colder areas it will be a fast growing annual. Commonly called Hyacinth Bean, this vine produces bi-colored purple and white flowers and purple colored seeds pods. The foliage is deep green with a slight hint of purple, and the blooms are nicely scented and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Typically it will bloom from mid-summer until fall. Start the Dolichos lablab seeds directly outdoors after frost danger has passed. Cover seed with 1/2 inch of soil. Keep the soil moist. With temperatures between 65 - 70F, germination is usually within 20 days. Plants should be spaced about 12 inches apart. Hyacinth Bean likes a position in full sun.


Hyacinth Bean (Red Flower)

SKU: VS094X01
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