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Centaurea gymnocarpa (Velvet Centaurea) - A beautiful fast growing sprawling sub-shrub that flows along the ground to 3 feet tall by 6 to 8 feet wide. It has soft grayish-white filigreed leaves that are pinnatisect with segments often lobed and purple thistle-like flowers that are held at the branch tips attractively on whitish stems from spring through mid-summer. Plant in sunny spot in any type of soil, even clay, with plenty of room and water sparingly as this plant is well adapted to our dry California summers. Hardy to 15-20 degrees F. Tolerant of drought, heavy soil and is even resistant to deer predation.

Centaurea gymnocarpa Velvet Centaurea Seeds

SKU: P202SX01
Expected to ship after 2024 July
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