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Ratibida (Ratibida Columnifera Mexican Hat) - Mexican Hat is a fast-growing wildflower that is not fussy about soils and is easy to grow from Ratibida seeds. The flowers are showy and have a unique look! The blooms are sombrero-shaped, with red to yellow petals drooping down, and a central brownish red cone. Ratibida Mexican Hat works wonderfully in a naturalized setting or meadow. It's drought tolerant, but if it has some moisture, the bloom season will last longer. The Mexican Hat flower is a great source of nectar for beneficial insects, and the Ratibida plants are deer resistant.  The Mexican Hat plant grows best in full sun and prefers very hot, dry locations. It is helpful to divide or thin out Mexican Hat plants every few years to maintain their vigor. Blooms mid-summer and into the fall and puts on a beautiful show! It is very easy to propagate from Mexican Hat flower seeds in spring or fall though a fall seeding is recommended. How To Grow Mexican Hat From Seed: Ratibida seeds can be sown into weed-free soil with the top 1 - 2 inches loosened. Lightly rake the flower seeds into the loose soil and barely cover. Keep the Ratibida Columnifera seeds moist until germination, and water the plants until they are established. Ratibida plants from grown from seed usually bloom the second year.

Mexican Hat Ratibida columnifera Prairie coneflower Seeds

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