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Masses of flowers in the first year, followed by even MORE in the second!Densely packed flower spikes to 4’ tall produce 2’ worth of trumpet blossoms that start out pale yellow-green and mature to lavender with lovely maroon specked throats. Renowned for producing huge numbers of flower spikes with blossoms encircling the whole stalk evenly, rather than favoring a single side like so many “Foxgloves”, it’s a choice selection for containers or beds that don’t have a “front”. Forms a mound of showy, big-leafed foliage 2’ high and wide. Deadhead regularly the first year, in the second year leave the last few flower spikes on to set seed for future freebies. Provide rich soil for best show.

Foxglove Mix Fox Glove Digitalis purpurea 'Camelot Lavender' Starter Plant

SKU: P018X01
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