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Hardy, drought tolerant, disease-free and extra floriferous - this burgundy-hued “Blanket Flower” puts out a seemingly endless succession of 3”, semi-double, burnt-red flowers beginning in late Spring and continuing (with some deadheading) until first frost! The daisy-like flowers are popular destinations for bees and especially butterflies – somewhat variable they are usually a solid, rich red, but may boast a showy yellow ring around the outside. Plants form 18 x 18” clumps of oblong, mid-green leaves, with flowers perched on 2-3’ high stems. They thrive in full sun and, once established, need very little water. Perfect for adding a splash of red to a sunny bed, it’s also great in a container. Not fussy about soils as long as there is good drainage. Trim in Winter to neaten plants. Very cold hardy. 3-11. 

Gaillardia aristata ‘Burgunder’

SKU: P084SX01
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