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(Rosebud Pink Hybrid Sage) Protective, magenta pink, leaf-like bracts surround the buds of Salvia pulchella x involucrata like a hug, bursting open and eventually falling away as the fuzzy flowers blossom.  The involucrata part of the botanical name refers to involucres -- clusters of buds wrapped in bracts. Before emerging, the flowers and bracts are tightly furled similar to rosebuds.  Pulchella is Latin for "beautiful." It's a description that is particularly apt during cool months when Rosebud Pink Hybrid Sage is long blooming in areas with moderate climates. Heart-shaped and Kelly green, the leaves contrast brightly with this shrub's dark maroon stems. It spreads almost as wide as its height, which is relatively short for a Rosebud Sage. Give this compact sage full sun to partial shade and rich, well-drained soil. Although it loves moisture, it only requires average watering based on local conditions. This is a good choice for container planting.  Hummingbirds love this plant selected by longtime California plantsman and biologist Martin Grantham, manager of the San Francisco State University's biology department greenhouse.

Salvia pulchella involucrata Rosebud Pink Hybrid Sage Seeds

SKU: P091SX01
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