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Lettuce Ruby Red    美國生菜/A菜     $2.85      200 Seeds 
Ruby Red is a delicious heirloom that produces semi crispy, ruby red leafs. The heads form much like romaine, in an upright formation, with it's stems leading down to it's loose core. Ruby Red is an early variety that is ready for harvesting in roughly 40 to 53 days. It's early harvest makes it a perfect choice for Northern gardens, with shorter growing seasons. Ruby Red Lettuce is an annual crop, meaning that it will produce heads of lettuce which can be harvested in a single season. The plants are slow to bolt, and are resistant to fading, even in warm temperatures. If allowed to go to seed, you can regrow this crop the following year. Ruby Red Lettuce is an excellent choice for use as a garnish, or to add an extra splash of color to those boring ol' salads as well.

S080X01. Lettuce Ruby Red

SKU: S080X01
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