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Plums are what summer tastes like. 


What to do with plums when you have a lot of them? They would be great in a cobbler, cake, jelly or pickled but honestly they're so good you might find yourself eating them hunched over the sink.  The minute they are ripe, which you can tell by the fruit having a deep purple color and some give when squeezed. 


Aren't they divine looking? They grow so well without pesticide nor synthesis - we have chickens, rabbits and bees help fertilizing our land. With that said, nothing goes to waste so please only approach when you are craving 100% organic plums (eat right off the tree without rinsing off) and ready for pick up. Pick up Monday to Friday after 5:30 or weekend all day on an appointment basis. 


Looking for good deal? Our plums are not for you.

Looking for heavenly, juicy, sweet, fresh no pestcide or chemical infused plums, we have what you are looking for.  

Available after Father's Day Weekend 6/18 annually. 

Pick up Concord, CA Monday to Friday after 4:30 or weekend 8-8

Pick up Berkely, CA Monday to Friday before 1PM 

If you live close enough (within 10 miles radius from the farm, we maybe can drop off with 20 lbs of purchase). 

The Clayton Farm Santa Rosa Plum (10 LBS) Available June 25-July 2

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