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The smallest member of the Achillea family is also the cutest, as babies usually are! Achillea 'Little Moonshine' is a super-compact, early-blooming sport of the popular full-sized variety 'Moonshine.' Now you can grow this native American perennial even if you don't have a foot of garden soil!

Compact enough for patio pots, Achillea 'Little Moonshine' has not sacrificed one whit of bloom strength or fragrance to achieve its smaller size. In fact, it tends to begin flowering even earlier than most other Yarrows, continuing all summer (cut or deadhead the blooms promptly for fastest rebloom) and even going into fall!

And Achillea 'Little Moonshine' comes by its vigor and beauty honestly. The fragrant gray-green leaves and abundant pale yellow flowerheads, irresistible to butterflies and bees, resemble those of big Moonshine. This plant was bred by a Dutch plantsman and introduced in England, where it created a sensation. 

Moonshine Yarrow Achillea x 'Moonshine'

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