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Dioscoreae Oppositae - its English pharmaceutical name, or commonly Chinese wild yam, you can call it. Its other name - nagaimo, or Japanese mountain yam.

Commonly seen in Asian supermarkets, especially Japanese supermarkets such as Mitsuwa in the United States. People believe the tuber has beneficial properties. In Mandarin, call it 淮山 ~ pronounced huai shan; or 山药 ~ pronounced shan yao. 山药 literally meaning "medicine of the mountain" - this tuber vegetable indeed has its healing properties. This wild yam even has sexual lubricating characteristics.

Want to grow mountain yam in your very own back yard? It can be done. I have been growing mountain yam for 2-3 years and the mountain yam starters (baby mountain yam seeds) are popping up everywhere. 1x4" pots container 5-10 starters. We only sell our starters gardeners, please only approach when you are ready to pick up. Pick up Mon-Fri after 5:30 or weekend 7-7 on appointment basis. 

Perennial, dig and grow

Mountain Yam / Nagaimo (Dioscorea opposita)

SKU: VP002X01
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