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Spoiled chickens lay awesome eggs! Fresh off the farm - vegetable fed, organic free range chicken (GMO free) lay brown/blue/green/white eggs. We are looking for a local family that love eggs come from happy chickens,. We will deliver to your door step with no hassle. Must order 2 dozen per 1 delivery. Delivery within 3 mile radius from 94517. We will call to arrange delivery as soon as we receive order & payment. 

Back Yard Happy Chicken Eggs (2 Dozen)

SKU: A07X01
  • Daily harvested; chickens fed with The Clayton Farm home grown veggies, fruits, sunflower seeds, recycled human comsumption grade bread, bugs, oyster shell tidbits. We only share our excess eggs with the community after our own consumptions. With that said, eggs are not always availalbe for delivery upon ordering; but can assure you no eggs can be any fresher than The Clayton Farm Back Yard Happy Chicken Eggs. We will contact you for delivery when we have enough eggs to fillfill your order.     

    Note: Egg cartons are recycled too! :)

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