Chayote, Sechium edule, is a gourdlike vegetable native to Mexico and Central America, although it is now widely cultivated in warmer regions of the world, including areas of the United States with mild winters. This light green vegetable, shaped like a pear, has a mild flavor that has been compared to a cross between that of an apple and a cucumber. Its creamy white hued flesh has a semi-crisp texture that becomes succulent to cottony as it matures. Its tendrils, flowers, even its roots are also edible, thus expanding its culinary utilities.   


The fruit of chayote plants is cold sensitive but can be grown as far north as USDA growing zone 7 and will overwinter in zones 8 and warmer by cutting the vine back to ground level and heavily mulching. In its native climate, chayote bears fruit for several months, but here in SF Bay Area, it doesn't flower until the first week of September. 


The Chayote squash starter in 1 gallon pot is ready for transplanting. We will pack in seal-able zip lock bag with moist organic matter for shipping. It is a perennial so will come back year after year. We harvested probably about 200 - 250 chayote squash this year (3rd year).   

Perennial Chayote Squash Seed Starter in Gallon Pot (Large Seed)

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