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Jazz up your meal, blend your very personal amount of spice to create a "hot sauce" with flavor but free of artificial flavors or preservatives. A perfect addition to your soups and sauces as well as a wonderful seasoning for potatoes, eggs, salsas, pizza, vegetables, marinades and whatever else you can think of that require some "zing"! 

You can decide the heat level, control the freshness of other ingredients and make sure it's wholesome, organic 100% peppers grown in our sunny backyard, we use it fresh, make pepper paste, dehydrate to make pepper flakes or pepper powder. Varieties of Carolina Reapa (world hottest); Ghost pepper (2nd hottest); Scorpion (3rd hottest); Scotch Bonnet; Scorpion Trinidad 7 Pot; Habanero Orange; Chocolate; Congo Red; Laos' Red Botton; Vietnamese Tear Jerker; Thai Draggon; Thai Hot Chili; Thai Bird Eye Heirloom; Apache. Freshly harvested and collected daily from our organic farm. Once order is placed, the freshest organic peppers will be shipped out the next day as soon as we collect 1 lb.  

The Clayton Farm Mixed Crazy Hottest Peppers (1 LB) Availability from Aug to Dec

SKU: A02X01
Expected to ship from August to December
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