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Push your heat tolerance, know your spice!


People that used our pepper flakes called it a 'bomb'. A small smidge of our pepper flakes added to any meal will catch anyone on file. This is a creative way we came out to preserve our abundance harvest for winter use.


Each pepper were harvested, cleaned, toasted, chopped and packed in a seable bag. As it is a dehydrated form of fresh pepper, it can be used as fresh and won't alter the taste of food.  Pepper flakes packed in sealable bag shipped out within 2-3 days. 1 oz of pepper flakes is equlivant of 1 lb of fresh pepper. 


Varieties of Carolina Reapa (world hottest); Ghost pepper (2nd hottest); Scorpion (3rd hottest); Scotch Bonnet; Scorpion Trinidad 7 Pot; Habanero Orange; Chocolate; Congo Red; Laos' Red Botton; Vietnamese Tear Jerker; Thai Draggon; Thai Hot Chili; Thai Bird Eye Heirloom; Apache. 

The Clayton Farm Mixed Dehydrated Crazy Hottest Pepper Flakes (1 OZ)

SKU: A02AX01
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