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Echium fastuosum Pride of Madeira Starter Plant

Echium candicans (Pride of Madeira) - A rapidly growing evergreen shrub (technically a subshrub) to 4 to 6 feet or more tall or more by as wide with long, gray-green leaves held at the ends of the branches. Rising above the foliage in spring on into the summer are the large 20 inch long flower stalks bearing small bluish-purple flowers with reddish stamens. Plant in full sun. It is drought tolerant and reliably cold hardy for short durations down to about 25 degrees F and some claim a bit colder. This is a good plant for mild coastal climates and seaside gardens. Inland plantings will require irrigation and protection from heat and cold. Pride of Madeira often reseeds itself and as this plant is short lived (generally 5-6 years but can go longer), allow seedlings to replace older woodier plants.

Echium fastuosum Pride of Madeira Starter Plant

SKU: P025X01
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