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Salvia 'Waverly' (Waverly Sage) - A half hardy shrub that grows with a fountain shaped habit to 4 to 5 feet tall with 2 to 3 1/2 inch long lanceolate leaves held on on upright stems. The leaves are dark green with a shiny rugose texture on the upper surface and dull gray-green with prominent veins on the lower surface. The flowers, held on a 2 foot long curving wand-like purple tinged inflorescence that emerge from near the branch tips, are present year round in frost free locations. The flowers are in whorls with white buds held in purple tinged green calyces and, when they open, are nearly an inch long, first a pure white color and darkening to a violet-pink color with age with the upper hooded bi-labiate lips fuzzy and the lower flattened and glabrous. Flowers of all ages open side by side in the inflorescence to display both white and violet-pink flowers together along its entire length. Plant in full sun and irrigate occasionally to infrequently for best results - establish plants are fairly drought tolerant but sulks a bit if kept entirely dry but also grows a bit large when over irrigated so best with only occasional irrigation. Though it grows well in the shade it tends to lay over if shade is too dense. It is root hardy to USDA Zone 8b (low temps 15-20°) 

Salvia Waverly White Starter Plant

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