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It is very labor-intensive to harvest Salvia elegans. They don't produce very many seeds and the harvest time has to be the right season, missing the harvesting window will result in 0 seeds. With that said, if you are a stubborn seed growers, you are more than welcome to purchase the precious seeds. Otherwise, we suggest you purchase plants (from cuttings). 


Salvia elegans (Pineapple Sage) - Brilliant, terminal scarlet-red flowers grace this herbaceous perennial from late summer into early winter. Moderate to fast growing reaching 3-5 feet tall and wide. Great for attracting hummingbirds! Wonderful, pineapple-scented, deltoid shaped leaves are bright yellow-green with a pale green, white-veined undersides. Both the top and bottom surfaces of the leaves are covered in small fine hairs giving the entire plant a fuzzy appearance. Dried leaves can be used in teas or pot-pourris or for treating nausea and indigestion. Fresh leaves or flowers can be used in salads, jams, jellies, drinks, desserts, or even in cream cheese! Pineapple sage thrives in rich soils receiving regular water. Cold hardy to 25 degrees. First introduced into horticulture around 1870. Native to central Mexico and into the Sierra Madre del Sur. We grew this plant from 1997 until 2005.  This description is based on research and observations of this plant as it grows in our nursery, in our nursery garden and in other gardens that we visit. We also incorporate comments received and appreciate getting feedback of any kind from those who have any additional information about this plant, particularly if they disagree with what we have written or if they have additional cultural tips that would aid others in growing Salvia elegans. 

Salvia elegans "Pineapple Sage" Seeds

SKU: P066SX01
Expected to ship as soon as harvested
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