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Please read, the ground cherry seedlings are reseeded as the weather gets warm. It will produces ground cherries all the way till frost (remain perennials in the right area). In order to let growers have the plants ASAP, we are shipping as fast as we can once we determine the seedlings are big enough to handle the shipping. They are sold out faster than they grow. With that said, please consider the sizes of plants you receive before you order. The seedlings will grow to 8-10' tall & 3-4' wide in 1 season with the same growing condition like ours. Commonly known as ground cherry, dwarf cape gooseberry, and strawberry tomato, this plant produces a small, yellow, edible berry surrounded by a papery husk. Ground cherries typically produce hundreds of fruit on each plant.

Perennial Physalis pruinosa Ground Cherry Starter

SKU: VP008X01
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