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Each order contains 3 cuttings.

Dragon fruit is the popular name for pitaya or pitayha, a delicious tropical fruit borne on a cacti-like succulent vine.  Juicy, delicious, with a texture that is a cross between a melon and a kiwi, and an exterior that is alien-like, this fruit is crazy combination of wonderful! Dragon fruit offers may health benefits, as well as being full of vitamins and minerals, the seeds (which are unnoticable - like kiwi) contain the Omega oils your body craves.  Diabetics love them because of the low sugar content and fibre which means a low glycaemic index.

The fibre in the dragonfruit is also great for the digestive system, it keeps things running smoothly :)

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 9 - 11 (out door)

USDA Plant Hardness Zone 4-11 (patio)
Pollination Self-fruitful.

2 Cuttings of Perennial Red Flesh Dragon Fruit

SKU: VP020X01A
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