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The Clayton Farm's new obsession - hatching eggs!  One step closer to Sustainable Living


Why chickens? Chickens are no maintenance, you don't have to walk or brush the chickens. They make fresh eggs in return. They are the ultimate garbage deposal, they eat everything you don't or can't eat. Their poop is the perfect fertilizer for any gardening. They have personalities, seriously, it is so funny to watch them.  They eat bugs, they even eat mice. 


We are having fun hatching our organic eggs every 21 days. 22 chicks will be ready every 21 days. Chicks are never vaccinated, including their Moms. It is not needed, they are happy chicks that lay happy eggs! 


Chicks are Ameraucanas/Ayam Cemani/Araucana/Easter Egger that they colorful eggs! From our decades of chicken raising experiences, these are the best-behaved chicks, they don't indulge their own eggs! 

Back Yard Chicks

  • Daily harvested; chickens fed with The Clayton Farm home grown veggies, fruits, sunflower seeds, recycled human comsumption grade bread, bugs, oyster shell tidbits. We only share our excess eggs with the community after our own consumptions. With that said, eggs are not always availalbe for delivery upon ordering; but can assure you no eggs can be any fresher than The Clayton Farm Back Yard Happy Chicken Eggs. We will contact you for delivery when we have enough eggs to fillfill your order.     

    Note: Egg cartons are recycled too! :)

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