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Purple Tree Collard    紫芥藍菜葉     $3.55      50 Seeds 

Purple Tree Collard is beautiful, nutritious & delicious perennial veggie. It is called collard but tastes more like cabbage or kale. The purple form is a local cultivar chosen for its sweet, tender leaves & pretty color. To grow, situate the plant in a sunny site (preferably in rich soil, but this is not required.) Grows from 6-10' tall & around 3' wide. The purple color is enhanced by cold weather & the sweetest leaves can be harvested all year round. Individual plants can live up to 20 years & propagated by cuttings. This is a very popular veggie in East Africa, it is called 'Sukuma Wiki', meaning 'push the week' because it is consumed almost every day in most homes.Tree collards are one of the easiest vegetables to grow in a home garden.  

Purple Tree Collard Seeds

SKU: VS137X01
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