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Botanical Name: Allium chinense
Common Names: Rakkyo, Chinese Onion, Chinese Scallion, Oriental Onion, Jiao Tou / Chiao Tou (Chinese), Cu Kieu (Vietnamese)


Rakkyo is an important vegetable in the Orient. It is an evergreen, bulb-producing plant characterized by crisp white bulbs, stiff green stalks and small, purple, autumn-blooming flowers. The plant is cultivated in Asia for its edible bulbs and leaves, which may be eaten raw or cooked. The flowers are also edible and may be used as a garnish. Chinese onion's strong odor is believed to dispel moles and other garden pests. Rakkyo is normally unavailable in nurseries. A staple vegetable in cuisines ranging from Japan to China, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, Rakkyo is a multiplying onion that in just a few seasons becomes hugely productive

Rakkyo Onion (1 set of 10 plants)

SKU: VP044X05
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