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Basil Dark Purple    紫九層塔     $3.00      50 Seeds 


I've grown this for the past 4 or 5 years and will soon start a couple for the 2017 growing season. These germinate quickly, and are completely fuss free in my garden. I always let one flower so the bees can enjoy it as much as I do. Sometimes I need an extra plant for a friend or problem. I take a cutting and after a few days in a cup of water I have roots and soon thereafter am able to pot it up in soil. I practice companion planting and these beauties grow very well with my tomatoes and bell peppers. This basil is tough as nails, too. It's survived horrendous heat, hail, and drought. The bugs aren't interested and it's never gotten sick. A definite winner and mainstay in my garden. 

Basil Dark Purple

SKU: VS148X01
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