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Wasabi, Japanese Horseradish    芥末/日本辣根    Winter     50 Seeds 

A pungent delight seldom available to the home gardener. Even at sushi establishments and specialty grocers, 'wasabi' pastes most often derive their spicy kick from its relatives, horseradish and mustard, and lack the nuanced flavor of true wasabi: an intense, aromatic heat that quickly subsides, giving way to a smooth, sweet finish that lingers. Imported from China. Seed germination is controlled by environmental factors such as light, moisture, temperature, and time of seed sowing as well as by genetic factors. Sometimes grower's patience plays a role in it. Same as the grower's diligence to fight with the garden critters. Start plants from seeds are not suitable for everyone. The Clayton Farm is providing the seeds to grower without any assurance, representation, or warranty that the seed is actually the variety and cultivar given the circumstance of cross-pollinations which is an act of God. All plant material is provided "as is", all sales are final. If you are not satisfied within the first day after receiving your order (for example, seeds damaged during transit), please email us so that we can help correct the situation. We will thoroughly review your concerns and may ask for picture proof. Please make sure you read the shop policy before you place the order. We want happy customers, and we will always work with good buyers. There are very, very few buyers out there who prey on good sellers, trying the tactic of nip-picking (i.e. claiming product description discrepancy) so he or she can rightfully find excuses to claim the product is not as described. For those buyers, please, please stay away from our listings, we really don't want to share our products with you. These are horticultural products, they are not cookie-cutting products. Every plant/seed kernel is variable in different sizes, shapes, forms even in different stages of growth or different than what you think it should be or whatever your research is (or what the internet says).

Wasabi, Japanese Horseradish

SKU: S171X01
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