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This rare Salvia from the Andean foothills of Bolivia boasts, shall we say, the “cutest” clusters of super fuzzy vibrant magenta tubular flowers 1.5” long with a fat lower lip. Held in dramatic eye-catching chunky calyces, the blooms appear 10-15 on each upright 4-5” spike atop numerous erect stems with pretty, glossy and quilted deep green heart-shaped foliage. Blooming from mid-Summer thru Fall, “Elmo’s Sage” grows to a multi-branching 4’ x 3’. Gently prune to promote dense, strong branching and stems. Rich soil is a must. Nice in large containers (20+ gal). Hummingbird magnet! Best in Part Sun.

Salvia Oxyphora Elmo's Sage Starter Plant

SKU: P158X01
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