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Graceful weeping form of the world famous Santa Rose plum. The fruit is of equal quality as the standard Santa Rosa. The Weeping Santa Rosa Plum tree is a self-fertile semi-dwarf that only grows 8-10 feet high. One of the most flavorful, aromatic Japanese plums when fully ripe. Beautiful 8-10 ft. tree, weeping growth habit: long slender limbs bow gracefully to the ground. Easily espaliered. Tree is 4' tall. 

Estimated Chilling Requirement 200-400 hours below 45°F 
USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 6 - 10 
Pollination Self-fruitful 
Bloom Season within fruit type midseason 
Harvest Season within fruit type early 
Harvest Dates June 30 to July 15 

Weeping Santa Rosa Plum Tree

SKU: VP036X01
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