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Nothing beats a crisp easy-to-eat pear straight from the tree during the dog-days of summer. Shinseiki Asian Pear Tree is a beautiful tree that covers itself in loads of round, yellow-skinned pears. The tree is easy to grow and the fruit is oh SO delicious! 
Juicy, sweet, refreshing, crisp like an apple. Easy to grow. Keeps well. Bright yellow skin. Vigorous, heavy bearing (usually by 2nd year). 

Estimated Chilling Requirement 250-300 hours below 45°F 
USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5 - 10 
Pollination Self-fruitful 
Bloom Season within fruit type midseason 
Harvest Season within fruit type early 
Harvest Dates July 25 to August 10 


Shinseiki Asian Pear

SKU: VP039X01
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