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"The brightest thing the garden has ever seen, this unstoppable, super-quick Hummingbird Sage is out to transform your sunny annual bed and best containers into a haven for butterflies and hummers! The fire-engine-red blooms begin in late spring and don't think about quitting until early fall, so get your camera and vases ready!
Winner of a 2011 All America Selection award and, even more impressive, the rarely-given Fleuroselect Gold Medal, Summer Jewel Red is a dwarf annual sage with super-abundant ½-inch blooms of brilliant red. Now, ½-inch may not sound like much, but multiply it by several hundred and you get the idea of what a fully blooming stand of only 3 to 5 plants is going to look like! And the flowers bounce right back from wind and rain (unlike older varieties of Hummingbird Sage, let us tell you!). Can't beat it with a stick!"

Summer Jewel Red Salvia Seeds

SKU: A009X01

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