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The Clayton Farm Beehive

10-Medium Frame Hive 
Medium super frame with foundations 
Screened bottom board with insert board for winter protection, entrance reducer, inner cover, and queen excluder, telescoping top cover. Painted (unpainted minus $10) .

Swarm from our kicked-ass hives that are more than 10 years old. Our bees don't swarm somewhere else but stay within our garden, waiting to be boxed up. :) We had 4 swarms last week, 2 abandoned the boxes but 2 stayed in their new home. The 2 hives we are selling are the 2 colonies stays, see video 5 & 6. 

Not open for bee sight-seeing, prepaid payment required. Once order is received, we will call to set up a pick up. We can deliver on demand with a fee. 

The Clayton Farm Beehive

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