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A "Growing" Obsessiveness - Let Thy Egyptian Walking Onions Spread out of control.

Quite a scene, isn't it? We simply can't "blog" nor "have" enough about these delicious green onions. Here is whys.

  • Quick Growth - it has a relatively short growth cycle, allowing any gardeners to enjoy fresh onions in a shorter time compared to other varieties.

  • Versatility - It can be used in various culinary dishes, providing a versatile ingredient for salads, stir-fries, soups, and more. It is a must ingredient for Asian delicacy - pot sticker, dumpling, spring roll, wonton, Chinese onion pan cake, Korean pan cake, Japanese green onion sauce...etc.

  • Continuous Harvest - It can be can harvested gradually as they reach the desired size in different stage, providing a continuous supply for your kitchen.

  • Space Efficiency - it can be planted in tight spaces, making them suitable for smaller gardens or areas with limited room for cultivation.

  • Nutritional Value - it is rich in vitamins and minerals, contributing to a healthy and nutritious diet.

  • Companion Planting - it an act as companion plants, helping to deter certain pests and improve the overall health of neighboring crops.

  • Deliciousness - it is increditably, unrealistically delicious.

  • Digestion Smoothness - it contains dietary fiber that adds bulk and aids bowel movement; prebiotics promote growth of beneficial bacterial in the gut, both are essential for a heatlhy digestive system. The entire plant, root, bulbblet, onion greens, onion whites are all edible. Use them raw, cooked, pickled; however you want them.

  • Financial Contribution - we all know eating enough dietary greens cost more than other food catagories. A bundle of green onions cost $2, say we need 20 bundles of green onion a week, that is a $40,000 saving in 20 years.

So come join the obsessiveness, let your Egyptian Walking Onions go (grow).

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