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Perennial Vegetable Garden and Recession Part 1

Perennial vegetable garden and recession may not appear directly related, but they share an indirect connection. During economic downturns, people tend to cut back on grocery expenses. Now let's get to the cold hard truth, eating healthy nowadays costs more than eating junkies. We all know eating junkies deteriorates our health. But this is what our government and big food companies won't tell you - financially, it ends up costing us more: need a reliable car to drive to the grocery stores; need more gas money to pay for the grocery errands and doctor visits; need to pay more copay, more pills, or expensive treatment that the insurance company may or may not cover. The cycle repeats itself. Human dieting behavior plays a role in this recurrence of economic downturn.

Solutions? Creating a perennial vegetable garden is the first step. Perennial vegetables, unlike annuals, can be harvested at any time, and multiply year after year, reducing the cost of replanting, and eliminating the expense of grocery store runs.

Take our #1 crop Egyptian Walking onion as an example, hardy and perennial, with low to 0 maintenance. Seriously, 0 maintance. No green thumb is required to let it grow wild. The best part is the Egyptian walking onion is unrealistically delicious, whether it's grilled, kimchi pickled, stir-fried with eggs or any protein products, garnish, dumpling filling, minced for salad...etc. Did I say eating a handful of Egyptian walking onion the night before helps greatly with your next-day routine? 🙂

If you have Egyptian Walking Onion growing in your yard, use it up! If not, get some! No more downturns, only upturns financially, mentally, and physically. #theclaytonfarm #perennialvegetablegardenandrecession

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