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Bizarre Herb - Crab Claw Herb Peperomia pellucida (rau cang cua; pepper elder; shining bush plant

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Are you familiar with an herb called "crab claw herb Peperomia pellucida"? I've never heard of it myself, that was until I visited Vietnam 3 years ago.

This wild herb called grows everywhere in Vietnam, based on the locals' words. Most Vietnamese people make salads out of them. This salad called gỏi rau càng cua in Vietnamese, and tastes amazing dipped in a Vietnamese dipping sauce.

Crab claw herb is cool, antipyretic, and nutritious. It is also good for curing certain skin diseases. I asked one vendor how they usually cook the Crab claw herb and they responded, "Beef salad with oil vinegar sauce." She also said there are many other ways to do this dish. I guess the possibility is endless, just like many other Vietnamese herbs.

The crab claw is successfully growing in The Clayton Farm (zone 9, perennial or reseeded, not exactly sure). Want to get your hand on this rare herb? Check out

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