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Cooking with Citrus, Celebrate Kumquat Season, Kumquat Meringue Pie

My 16 year old loves cooking and baking, we call her chef. Her dad is demoted to a sous-chef since she took over the kitchen. Sometimes, I have hard time to get her out of the kitchen, even just for a couple hours on the heavy homework nights. But I must admit, she is a fabulous chef. Don't know how that happened, as her mother, I love growing fruits and veggies but absolutely hate cooking, cooking take away my play time with my plants. :)

Although I don't cook, I am a picky eater. It is very difficult to find a dessert that I consider as a delicacy. A couple nights ago, the chef made a kumquat meringue pie (fresh from the garden). I am not entirely sure what recipe she used, but man, her kumquat meringue pie is the best citrus meringue pie I ever have. A little tangy, sweet but not overly sweet. I requested her to make another one tonight so I can "blog" it. I am so lucky to have a teen that cooks awesome food.

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