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Harvesting Abundance, Embracing Seasonality, Chinese Heading Bao Sin Mustard

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

The bao sin mustard has once again been reseeded everywhere in The Clayton Farm homestead.

Bao Sin mustard is one of the must-have vegetables for the Chinese New Year Eve gathering meal. Taiwanese people may call it longevity greens. Unlike American mustard greens, the bao sin mustard is a lot milder, sort of like a brussell sprout in some way. It is my husband's favorite cool-weather vegetable. Tonight he is cooking himself Chinese Bao Sin Mustard Greens with Salty Egg Stir Fry 鹹蛋芥菜 (xián dàng jiècài )


A quick stir fry that is so easy to make for anybody. The salted egg really produces loads of flavor to mild this slightly bitter vegetable. Its distinct taste is refreshing and this combination is said by Chinese people that it is great in removing internal heat and cooling the body.

What Ingredients are required?

1 pound of fresh mustard greens

1 salted duck egg (available in many Asian grocery stores)

Oil, ground garlic, or ground ginger (my husband loves using Taiwanese fried shallot bits)

How does he prepare it?

Wash mustard greens, lightly cut to pieces.

Add oil, peel your salted egg, then cut it into pieces. Or, to be creative, you can simply use a spatula to chop up the egg inside the pan. Cook until egg pieces turn crispy, then toss in your bao sin mustard greens with fried shallot bits, then lightly cook it in high heat. As soon as the greens turn soft but still remain green, turn off the heat. Serve and enjoy!

Chinese people believe the vegetable is excellent for relieving heat; we love that it is such a delicious vegetable that only takes 5 minutes to harvest from the garden, 5 minutes to wash the dirt off, and 5 minutes to cook. Fresh food is 15 minutes away, no store can beat this.

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