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It's Not the Seeds, It's the Grower! Grass Jelly Mesona Chinensis & Crab Claw Herb

It is very disappointing when you excitedly sow your new seeds, only to find that germination rates are low. You might even encounter the problem of having no seedlings appear at all. You wonder why the seeds aren’t germinating. IMMEDIATELY, it is often quite easy for few growers to make a conclusion the seeds are bad. Little did they know, there are a number of variables on the seeds' germination. For example, too little water, too much water, not enough oxygen, too much sunlight, too little sunlight, temperatures are too low, temperatures are too high, damping off, eaten by the garden pests, generic low germination rates, seeds eaten before germination could occur...etc.

The Clayton Farm has received a few buyer's claims that the seeds they purchased from us weren't germinating, like crab claw herb and grass jelly, and how sophisticated these buyers' growing techniques are. Honestly, there are just some seeds even The Clayton Farm are having trouble germinating. Could be the reason above, or simply because we don't have patience or seeds sown at the wrong time.

See the seedlings of crab claw herb, grass jelly, Italian basil, Thai basil, Vietnamese pepper. We threw in a mix of seeds, I don't recall when I sow them, but now they are popping out everywhere in mid-June. So our conclusion is nothing wrong with the seeds, it's the growers.

All Grass Jelly Seedlings

Crab Claw Herb Seedlings

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