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Lettuce Be Happy

Freckles Lettuce gets its name for being an unusual bright green romaine lettuce with crimson freckles. It is small to medium in size, growing in a loose, upright fashion with a vase-like, open shape. The white base connects to individual, smooth, pale green ribs that extend out into vibrant green leaves freckled with specs of burgundy. These specs become darker and more prominent as the lettuce matures. The leaves are crisp, ruffled at the edges, and tender that can be harvested early or late. Freckles lettuce is succulent, notably minerally and bitter in flavor, has a clean and mild finish, and can be grown as a baby or mature lettuce variety. This uniquely colored lettuce is sun-loving and grows upright.

Botanically classified as Lactuca sativa, it is an open-pollinated, heirloom, romaine variety that is a member of the Asteraceae family. Also known as the Flashy Troutback. Freckles lettuce is the favorite lettuce to grow in home gardens, especially in Europe, and is favored for its prolonged harvest as the young, outer leaves can be harvested and the head will continue to regrow new leaves throughout the season.

People complain it is getting expensive just to eat; Worse yet, they brush off the inner voice that there are potentially harmful chemicals residues embedded in the salad bowl they are about to serve their loved ones. This is exactly what the big retail grocery store giants don't want you to do - take the food initiative, grow your own produce at the very land you own. it is really not that difficult. The mountain-high Freckle lettuce you see in the pictures is a sequel of lettuce seeds gone with the wind.

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