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Life's So Chard!

Rainbow mix Heirloom Swiss Chard - what’s at the end of the rainbow? For gardeners, it's a bountiful harvest; for cooks, it's a delicious meal; for artists, it's a colorful plate. This bright chard mix satisfies everyone's end-of-the-rainbow wishes, with succulent-stemmed leaves in shades of red, yellow, orange, and cream. Beautiful in your garden as well as on your plate. Pick young for salads or fully grown for their stalks, this hard-to-find variety is fun to grow and eat. A blend of colorful, heirloom varieties. A mix of red, pink, yellow & orange stemmed variety, with green leaves.

Swiss chard is a very versatile, close relative of garden beets. It is easy to grow, and will provide fresh greens all season from one sowing. Chard can be used at baby-leaf or full-size stage, and is also popular in mixed ornamental containers.

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