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Juicing, does it really work?

Juicing is a heavily debated topic among the health community. Some say it removes the healthy fibers and isn’t good, while many say that it can add to a healthy diet to increase intake of nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant compounds that may protect against diseases.

Sadly, the grocery stores we shop today are displayed with aisles of junk & fast food - essentially highly processed, high in calories, added sugars, salt and saturated or trans fats, everything but nutrients. Yet it is even more scary that some evidence points to these foods as being as addictive as alcohol and drugs, In a way, we are being drugged by the big food manufacturers.

The Clayton Farm household has been growing and eating organic fruits, veggies and eggs from our farm for about 15 years; while we rarely get sick, probably because we at least consume 1 serving of home grown veggies every night when we eat at home, freshly pick home seasonal fruits whenever they come by, we know that is not enough. However, there is no way that we can eat more than 1 service of cooked veggie in 1 day.

Not until a friend Yustina (we met through Craigslist) came by to purchase our Valencia oranges, she told us about her experience of juicing. She recommended that The Clayton Farm has so much surplus veggies and fruits; instead of feeding these nature's best gifts to the farm animals, why not juice to get all the nutrients you can get. I thought that the remaining pulp still contains substantial nutrients that can still be fed to the animals. She is one of the living proof of juicing, she has been doing juicing for 3 years, her incurable chronic migraines are long gone with a bonus of her grey hair turned back to blond..

Every member of The Clayton Farm has never had a single flu or cold ever since we started a shot of The Clayton Farm juice prior to dinner about half year ago. Usually, colds or flues are the side perks of a young family - young kids in school. By the way, my 14 year old teenager, she was the most rebellious on her so called "gross green juice" as soon as we adopted the "modified" life style change, agreed that she feels more energetic after a while. To Mom and Dad, personally,, after having the routine homemade juice shot every day, our bodies started to crave for the "powerhouse tequila" when we were out of town. We now pre-squeeze and pack our juice when we are on the go.

Today, we are going to squeeze our surplus garden kale, collards. stone fruits (consist of yellow Shiro plum, dark purple Flavor King Pluot, white Babcock peach), dark green kale, purple green collard, fresh from our garden without chemicals, just gifts from the nature. Cheers!

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